'The Grandkids' Guide to Atlantis' Website

by Experimentum

'The Grandkids' Guide to Atlantis' is an interactive storytelling website based on the young adult novel that entails the narrative of three troubled young cousins that were sent by their Grandad on an adventure through space & time, to find the long lost Atlantis! The young adult fiction novel is written by Bob Hodge (Emeritus Professor of Western Sydney University, Australia), and the web experience is devised through the collaborative creative conception of the design team and the author. The audience is taken on a journey of each cousins' perception of Atlantis via the home page, as well as presented with the informative research of Atlantis and The Goddess by Bob Hodge.


Gold in Website Design 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Lucy Wang

Design Company


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Bob Hodge (Emeritus Professor of Western Sydney University)

Design Team

Lokman Leung, Lucy Wang