Color Terrae

by Simone Ardito

Color Terrae is an AI-powered iOS app created to digitalize some of the main activities of the archaeologist: identification, analysis, classification and description of stratigraphic units following the Munsell color code.
It has the following features:
- Diary: as the name may suggest, it works as a notebook, but also as a photographic archive. Here user can write or record his thoughts during the day at the dig, and save all the pictures he has taken. In order to have a well structured archive, all the files (notes, voice memo and pics) are divided in three sections: recents, lists and all.
- Camera: it works as a standard smartphone camera, but with a game-changer feature.
In fact it uses an AI technology which comes into play with a colors detection function. AI is able to identify colors from pictures taken by the user, and to associate the photographed stratigraphic unit to a specific Munsell color code.
More precisely, AI technology analyses the picture and samples pixel by pixel in order to get the matching color unit related to a Munsell color code. There are 1000 hex color codes learned by the AI. Since most of them are pretty similar, they are grouped in 100 color units. Each color unit belongs to a Munsell color. Most hex color codes detected within a color unit will indicate the "winning" unit which is associated with a specific Munsell color.
- Settings: in this section, in addition to finding the familiar settings functions, user can switch to Dig Mode, an outdoor-optimized version of the app which can be really useful on archaeological dig days.
Modern archaeological excavation is based on a stratigraphic reading of the ground. Soil, in fact, does not present itself as a uniform...


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Simone Ardito

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Simone Ardito, Giacomo Rosso