Pure Series Packaging

by Laika Technology Co., Ltd.

LAIKA is committed to bringing better pet products to millions of families around the world. Under the raging epidemic situation, the Aqua pet water fountain can continuously provide filtered, sterilized clean water for pets, helping families with pets reduce the burden. The Pure series packaging is based on the product characteristics of the Aqua pet water fountain with blue symbolizing water and white symbolizing purity as the main colors of the design. First, we want the packaging to visually show what we are selling and what the product looks like while maintaining artistic characteristics. Pure series packaging used the two-dimensional pattern of five sides of the product to directly demonstrate the products. In addition, the patterns can also satisfy the artistic appreciation of packaging. The gradual blue color aims to make consumers think of clean flowing water. Secondly, we hope that the packaging can stand out among many similar products to attract customers and enhance their desire to buy. the large area of white on the packaging is not only because the main color of the product is white, but also allows consumers to better pay attention to the product itself.


Silver in Packaging Design 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Ouzhu Huang

Design Company

Laika Technology Co., Ltd.

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Laika Technology Co., Ltd.

Design Team

Qinjie Lu,Yongjie Fang