Reykjavík Financial Assitance

by Kolibri

Municipal financial aid is usually a last resort within the welfare system in Iceland. It goes without saying that applicants are usually at a difficult point in their lives when applying for such assistance. Up until now, these difficult situations have not been taken into consideration during the application process and applicants have been asked to provide an excessive amount of physical and certified documents (which they themselves have to collect). This is before having to wait for results without having any clarity on the application status.

Digital financial aid is a revolutionary project within the city of Reykjavík. The project not only entailed designing and developing a good experience but also to help Reykjavík city employees adapt to a new way of working and change deeply rooted rules, traditions and processes. This was all done to put the user first and focus on the optimal applicant experience.

Today the applicant doesn‘t have to spend time and energy on understanding how the application process works or stress over service centre visits. The applicant simply signs in to the application portal using their electronic ID, answers a few simple questions, and then instantly gets an answer on whether to expect a financial aid or not – even how much it will be.

Furthermore, the service team does not have to process paperwork by hand; scan, photocopy or type into computers, or repeatedly explain complicated processes to applicants. The time saved can be used to provide better welfare service and support applicants in a way that can help them get off financial aid and stand on their own feet.


Silver in UX, Interface & Navigation 2021

Silver in Interactive Design 2021

Bronze in Websites Design for Social Change 2021

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Steinar Ingi Farestveit

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Reykjavík City

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Steinar Ingi Farestveit, Edda Jónsdóttir, Guðfinnur Sveinsson, Árni Jónsson, Hugi Hlynsson, Rikard Arnar Birgisson, Guðjón Guðjónsson