Pride Shrike: Mascot of National High School Athletics

by Mengdom Design Lab

The mascot design of Pingtung City has long been monkeys because the old name of Pingtung is “Ahou,” which is pronounced similar to "monkey" in Mandarin. In order to break away from stereotyped thinking, the team selected Brown Shrike, the bird of Pingtung County, as an inspiration to give everyone a refreshing impression about Pingtung.

The mascot was named “Pride Shrike” as “bird” is pronounced similar to “pride” in Taiwanese, as well as echoing with the slogan “Pingtung Pride.” We cheer not only for the winners, but all athletes as they all make us proud.

It’s the first time to promote national games as LINE animated sticker since LINE is the most popular communication software in Taiwan. In order to create stickers with novelty, here are the creative directions:

1. Promoting sports as the main purpose, the sticker of shrike integrated into all kinds of sports to show the strength and beauty of each race.
2. Communicating with young generation, as all the athletes are between 12 to 18 years old, the shrike in the sticker speaks funny buzzwords.
3. Another objective is to show the characteristics of the host city, the mascot is an important agent to promote its tourism and economy with local industries and signature products.


Silver in Character Design 2021

Silver in Character Design for Social Change 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Meng-Chih Chiang

Design Company

Mengdom Design Lab

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Pingtung County Government


Entrant Companies

Pingtung County Government, TW

Individual Credits

Creative Director: Meng Chih Chiang
Coordinator: Pei Rong Lu
Motion Designer: Amy Wen