Playing around with food, not the planet!

by Redkiwi

We all know by now that the food system created for us to thrive, is destroying the planet. We made it linear while nature’s design is circular. Always. That is natures nature. Food production is the biggest contributor to the global climate crisis and the time to act is now. We live in a paradox where kids have more power than adults to shift the climate crisis agenda to a global top priority. Yes, the climate crisis is a reality. Yet, we only have one life to live and we want to enjoy it, guilt-free!

We said Enough years ago and started pioneering the most circular food revolution. We are on the mission to bug the food system and your senses with our ento based pleasures. We create fun, tasty and nutritious foods and save precious planetary resources. We are footprintarians and we strive for a positive environmental impact. We are planetary health junkies and we enjoy guilt-free food choices.

Food can fix our broken hearts but it can also fix our broken food system. There are many ways to eat better, healthier and with respect to animals and the planet we live on. We make that choice easy and fun for you in our webshop. For many passionate people like us, food is a way to express yourself. Enough gives you the superpower to eat healthy, lower your environmental impact and feel good inside-out. Minimum effort, maximum impact! Whatever you eat, make sure you get Enough!

Who said that saving the world is boring? We promise you a good laugh and big smiles when sharing our snacks with friends and family. Take Enough with you wherever you go! Share Enough in biology class, on a camping trip, at a birthday party, at business meetings. Our snacks are a great...


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