Strikes & Spirits

by Cohere

Harp & Crown is a Philadelphia restaurant and bar from Schulson Collective, the restaurant group by Michael Schulson and his wife Nina Tinari-Schulson. Upstairs, Harp & Crown offers a garden style indoor beer hall and 32-seat bar, while downstairs features an underground bowling alley and secret society-esque cocktail bar. Cohere, a creative agency based in Philadelphia, did the the branding and web design for Harp & Crown.

Harp & Crown’s mysterious, ethereal atmosphere - designed by the Schulsons and interior designer Rohe Creative - was the perfect setting for a brand inspired by the Prohibition and vintage recreational themes of that era. We drew on the subterranean bowling alley, as well as the speakeasy vibes downstairs, to craft the restaurant’s brand identity. The final package includes a logo that could be a signature on the Declaration of Independence, business cards and coasters that look like scoring cards, menus featuring speakeasy-style one liners, and vintage hand-painted signage both inside and out.

Cohere kept with the cohesiveness of the narrative for Harp & Crown's name, inspired by a historical Revolution-era tavern located at 3rd and Elbow Lane in Philadelphia by naming the downstairs bar and bowling alley “Elbow Lane” as a nod to the original location.

Services: Brand Identity, Brand Concept, Collateral, Menu Design, Signage, Website


Gold in Branding 2018

Created by:

Design Director

Dylan Garner

Design Company



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Schulson Collective

Design Team

Avery Sohn


Individual Credits

Signage Vendor: Metal Incorporated , Metal Incorporated
Interior Designer: Kate Rohrer, Rohe Creative
Sign Painter: Gibbs Connors, Gibbs Connors Signage & Exhibition Graphics