421 East Dilido Drive Property Branding

by Compass

Shortly after winning her pitch, Compass agent Geane Brito requested ideas on how to elegantly brand her luxury listing on 421 East Dilido Drive. This Art Deco property is part of a neighborhood known for its historic architecture. As a result, the logo and the entire brand system reflect the unique style of the home. As a nod to the decorative nature of the movement, the team reinterpreted this style for the modern-day. The geometric shapes and vertical lines throughout the system work to accentuate the historical details of the home and celebrate this sophisticated era.

The team created a bespoke 360º property branding suite that included a custom branding deck, unique property logo, patterns, custom social assets, and mailers.


Silver in Real Estate 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Liz Oh

Design Company


Project Website

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Geane Brito

Design Team

Carlos Salazar, Kevin Clancy


Individual Credits

Designer: Carlos Salazar
Creative Manager: Kevin Clancy
Marketing Advisor: Megan Faulconer