National High School Athletic Games 2020

by Mengdom Design Lab

The design of the key visual for the National High School Athletic Games in Pingtung, Taiwan, was achieved through the transformation of the calligraphy form of the Mandarin character “Ping.” The result is a modern, crisp new character comprising a single ribbon-like line duplicated in layers.

This not only represents the first character in “Pingtung,” but also symbolizes athletes unfolding their wings to courageously soar high. It also evokes an image of the crossed hands in indigenous dance, the dazzling sight of fireworks exploding, and the curve of the athletic track. A whole range of meanings and relationships can be derived from its simple structure and form.

Colors were a major focus on this occasion, with the goal being to break free of the five colors of the Olympic rings. For inspiration, we went to the beads worn by Pingtung’s Paiwan warriors. The Paiwan tribe is known for its vibrantly colored glass beads, each of which has a distinct pattern with its own significance and mystical power. Warriors wear red, white, and black beads that represent strength, courage, and glory. We chose the colors glass bead black, blood red, and glory white as symbols of the beauty of Pingtung.


Silver in Logos 2021

Bronze in Branding 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Meng Chih Chiang

Design Company

Mengdom Design Lab

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Pingtung County Government

Design Team

Alex Wu, Amy Wen


Entrant Companies

Pingtung County Government, TW


Mengdom Design Lab, TW

Individual Credits

Creative Director: Meng Chih Chiang
Coordinator: Pei Rong Lu
Motion Designer: Amy Wen