by Ashley Webelhuth

Mumbo, a fictitious app available for anyone living in the U.S., is a one month competition amongst the states. As Americans, I feel as though we have the mindset that since other countries are learning English in school, there’s no dire need for us to spend time learning the language of another country. Mumbo engages participants in a fun way without being too daunting.

Each week, there will be a new language unlocked and different challenges become available as the week progresses. Participants are tested through spelling, pronunciation, and how they retained the information overall. Challenges are played either individually or head-to-head; in the latter case, one always plays against someone living in a different state.

At the end of each week, there are individual evaluations and the state with the most cumulative points wins. The scores are then posted on billboards nation-wide to encourage more participation and competition.


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Ashley Webelhuth

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