by Francesco Paternoster

Concept Branding and Packaging for an Italian brewery. The aim of this meta-project was to study a possible relationship with alchemy, illustration and packaging. The can is not treated as a simple package but is conceived as book page in which an entire story of beer, ufos and stars is written.
The inspiration comes from ancient prints found on seventeenth-century books, depicting scenes of alchemical transformation, botanical illustrations and fantastic creatures. The illustrations have a high level of details that denes the volumes, lights and shadows. All the lines are irregular to reect the same aesthetic produced in the early days of letterpress printing: at that time, illustrations were reproduced through the engraving of wooden matrices or metal surfaces. Once imprinted on the sheet, the paper absorbed the ink, producing imprecise lines with variable color density.
The name Hubble takes inspiration from the space telescope launched into orbit to explore planets and deep space. The brewery's founding year was imagined in 1896, but the name of the Hubble beer was taken from an object launched into space in 1990. How is that possible? Will it have to do with space-time distortion? Another mystery that scientists are likely to solve in the future.
The palette is characterized by three colors for the double IPA and two colors for the lager beer: black, few white details and the metal bronze of the can. The typeface interacts with the illustration, hops sometimes intertwine with letters, other the illustraton became the frame for the most important indications relating to the beer quality, date, and producer.


Gold in Packaging Design 2021, Freelancer

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Francesco Paternoster

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