Draft Cafe - Draft Your Beat

by Blue Hat

Daft Cafe is a renowned coffee shop in KSA targeting millennials and the creative community. Blue Hat was commissioned to come up with a Branding Concept for Draft Cafe’s pop-up as part of the MDL Beast music festival. MDL Beast is a three-days music festival in KSA that hosts A-list celebrities and artists from all over the world of different music genres.

The booth was situated at the periphery of the main stages. Hence, the design concept and branding we had envisioned for the pop-up was immersive. The booth was created from upcycled containers to reflect a huge stereo, and was named “Draft Your Beat”. The brand idea was based on “Bringing the Inside Out”, because we wanted the pop-up to manifest a continuation of the concert journey. The booth acted as an additional brand touchpoint that immerses the consumer in the festival and enabling them to absorb the multi-landscape music while sipping their favorite drinks.

The social media graphics and the posters were designed with saturated colors merging the human elements of the brand to create a connection with the concert. We designed three posters with different music treatments to echo the different music genres. At the pop-up, bold neon colors were flashing and complementing the baristas who were also wearing branded pins and glowing accessories, as if they were DJs, while the Draft cups were branded in special editions to echo the event’s identity. We carried out all the on-ground execution and implementation in collaboration with Draft Creations, an interior design firm and sister company to Draft Cafe.

As a result, “Draft Your Beat” was a complete hit. Draft Cafe has maximized their target in sales for this event and actually catered to the backstage hangouts with the performers as well. Customers were happy with the new redesign...


Silver in Events 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Judy Maamari

Design Company

Blue Hat

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Draft Cafe

Design Team

Hayat Sheikh, Nour Hajj

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