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The first thousand days of a child are the most important ones to guarantee a healthy development. IMAPI is a Nurturing Care Municipality Index that combines over 100 metrics that are strongly related to environmental development in these first days of a child’s life. The project is an 18-month effort from a diverse group of professionals to put together databases from 2015 and 2016 from all 5.570 municipalities in Brazil, to create a sound, peer-reviewed methodology, and to make the results publicly available.

And by diverse we mean that all metrics, sources, domains, and details that describe the Index were selected and reviewed by a committee of experts in the fields of public health, applied by a team of data scientists, validated by a group of epidemiologists and government stakeholders, and made visual and accessible by a team of information, data, graphic, and interface designers, and data strategists.

One grand Index ranks all municipalities, and 5 domains (health, early learning, responsive care, nutrition, and safety and protection) composed by 31 variables, characterize the strengths and weaknesses of every Brazilian city.

The Brazilian coffee flower inspired the visual metaphor chosen for the main visualization - it's something delicate that needs nourishing, but that also has a strong history of comfort, family, and care. Each petal indicates a domain's value, making it possible to quickly understand whether it is a strong suit of that municipality or if it needs further attention, investment, or care.

It is a one-of-a-kind project in Latin America, designed by specialists, meant to support better decision-making for health officials and mayors, as well as to allow a better comprehension of a city’s public investments on early childhood development. To that end, the project focused on developing an open access web platform and, understanding that it takes more than...


Gold in Websites Design for Social Change 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Henrique Ilidio

Design Company

Café and ODD.Group

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Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Brazilian Ministry of Health, and Principal Investigators (Muriel Gubert, Gabriela Buccini and Marcos Barreto)

Design Team

Café Leandro Amorim, Henrique Ilidio, Mayara Teixeira, Luana Medeiros, Erico Rosa, Guilherme Lobo. Collaboration with ODD.Studio (Letícia P...

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Entrant Companies

Café, BR

Individual Credits

Creative Director: Leandro Amorim
Senior Designer: Henrique Ilidio
Design Intern: Mayara Teixeira