Minimalist Covid-19 Signs

by Ellie Pinney

A series of typographic Covid-19 signs for the style-conscious workplace.

Complete with tracked-out letters that reflect our new socially distanced world, these vinyl wall graphics are intended to keep staff and visitors safe as offices re-open. The collection reminds people to be considerate to their colleagues, conveying important safety messaging with an added touch of (much-needed) lightness.

I wanted to steer away from the bright colours and often ‘shouty’ graphics of traditional safety signage, leaning instead on a playful tone of voice and creative use of type to communicate each warning: A light-hearted kerning effect helps to advise against hugging, while a 20-second stream-of-consciousness encourages textbook handwashing. The result is a low-key approach that sidesteps scariness and tackles Covid-19 in a more comforting way.


Silver in Typography 2021, Freelancer

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Ellie Pinney

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Original commission by Mark Pinney Associates