Suofeiya Design Group Center Branding


After more than 6,000 years,Chinese characters have evolved from pictographic oracle bone inscriptions to simplified characters today. The visual "pictogram" defines the graphic basis of Chinese characters.

"Using pictures to read and words to convey meaning" is the core of the designer's design concept for this project. The logo graphic foundation is taken from the first letter of each word “Suofeiya Group Design Center ” , and the icon is redesigned with "S", "G", "D" and "C" and combined into the Chinese character "设"(design). The logo composed of basic geometric shapes represents the diversification and infinite possibilities in design.

The combination of Chinese and English culture symbolizes the global and international design vision of Ssuofeiy Group Design Center, and it visually conveys the core business of the organization. In order to conform to the corporate philosophy of "design leading the world" of the Suofeiya brand.

The main business of the design center is to create a simple, advanced and luxurious life experience for consumers. The design scope includes: home design, interior design, daily necessities design, etc. This visual identity project uses black to represent professionalism, and golden yellow to represent the luxury positioning of the brand, conveying the brand core values of "innovative and reliable", "professional and efficient"to consumers.


Silver in Branding 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Xiaoke Huang

Design Company



Suofeiya Design Group Center

Design Team

Zijie Li, Junli Huang