Shan Shui the faces of Chinese ink painting Aroma 3D light luxury jewelry


Inspired by the AI Shan Shui paintings ,Chinese landscape ink paintings , created by masters - Huang Hongda and Wang Jieyin. To discover how to apply the elements of Shan Shui paintings  into contemporary jewelry design. To interpret the outlines of mountains in jewelry via 3D printing. The re-fashion design uses recycled sterling silver trying to illustrate the softest ink painting with the hardest material - metal. 3D printing is to fulfill what traditional  blacksmith cannot. After silver printed, a master blacksmith Sandblast and 22K two colors environmental gold leaf to complete the design. From contemporary art perspective of masters to expound “Shan Shui” elements in the outline of jewelry. To emphasize the the complexity of layers and structures of landscape, making the elements becomes the beautiful embellishment among the ears and neck.

Aroma light luxury jewelry applies 3D nylon printing aim to fragrance jewelry. The area of wearing accessory is easier to sense odor, but usually metal made jewelry cannot combine with fragrance product.  To make the impossible possible, the jewelry design and fragrance makes them become complementary product. Without using a mold, scaffolding of 3D printing, and surface finishing process. The finest line allows 0.02mm and enables intricate and accurateness jewelry design.  Hence, we modify and losing weight in aroma design version via hollow out design. Aroma function comes from the characteristic of nylon itself. The combination with metal can further enhance the durability.  The fragrance last longer on the design compares with using in human body. It is the fashion design to satisfying both visual and olfactory at the same time. It can not only enjoy the beauty of Shan Shui landscape visually but also olfactory.


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