2018 Year of the Dog Commemorative Ticket

by Midnight Design

This piece of work is a memorial ticket sold by Taipei MRT every year, which is a commemorative limited product, Taipei MRT Memorial Tickets are sold at two stations in Taipei on February 3, 2018 for a total of 1,000 sets at a price of TWD 300, Mainly sold to the general public for collection and take the MRT use, The theme of the work is based on "the wealth comes with a dog”.

There is a proverb in Taiwan "the wealth comes with a dog" means that fortunes come along when a homeless dog visits the house. In ancient times, it is not entirely a superstitious saying as only rich people could afford to have meat so that the smell of meat around the houses would attract the dogs. Accordingly, there is such a saying of “the wealth comes with a dog”.

The theme of the cover is based on "the wealth comes with a dog”. The technique of woodcut printmaking is adopted to create the image of Taiwanese dogs. The ancient coins represent the meat, and the center of the coins is encompassed by the dogs symmetrically. The image reinterprets the meaning of the ancient proverb. The reverse side communicates "family reunion". In Chinese tradition, the round table is where the family sits and dine together and also indicates "family reunion". Therefore, the blessings laying around the circle literally describe the traditional culture and virtue.

"招財進寶" is a blessing to wish someone have plentiful money and treasures. The packaging design is to convey the meaning of "bring in (fortunes)". When opening the pack, the central structure will push the red pockets out of the package that indicates wealth comes along. The word
"戊戌" (35th year of the Sexagenary Cycle ) is written in calligraphy and placed in the...


Silver in Packaging Design 2018

Created by:

Design Director

I Chan Su

Design Company

Midnight Design


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Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation

Design Team

Design Director : I Chan Su Product Director : Yi Gu


Individual Credits

Photographer: Chien Shang Yun
Printing: Ta Wei Yu, JIL Print .,Ltd