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The X'mas Collection of Paradoxical Types - A Naughty or Nice Divinity Guide


Professional Packaging Design



Design Director:

Lynn Ho

Design Team:

Ping Lam, Jean Liew


Paradox Media Pte Ltd.


Paradox Media Pte Ltd.

Individual Credit:

Lynn Ho, Creative Director, Paradox Media Pte Ltd.

Individual Credit:

Jean Liew, Senior Designer / Copywriter, Paradox Media Pte Ltd.

Individual Credit:

Ping Lam, Senior Designer, Paradox Media Pte Ltd.

A self-promo Christmas gift for our valued clients. The concept behind this gift is to find out if you are naughty or nice this Christmas. Using numerology and your birth date, derive at a number (from 1-9) that represent you. With that number, match it to one of the 9 Christmas characters that bear similar personality traits with you. So see if you are as money-minded as the Xmas Scrounge or a leader like Rudolf the Red-nose Reindeer. Each of the nine boxes is also purposefully filled with festive goodies (example: Snowman is filled with marshmallow). All to spread a little bit of Christmassy joy!