Hammond's Candies Pantry Candies

by Ellen Bruss Design

In celebration of their 100th anniversary, Hammonds Candies approached EBD to rebrand their classic hard candies. So, we dove in and chose a nostalgic yet fresh design approach to honor their long history.

Classic candies demand a classic approach so a tin was chosen as the form. Bright, contemporary colors were used to indicate flavor profiles, along with line art illustrations in a flat old-time style. A playful bubble shape circling the tin reminded you that these were hard candy balls. And embossing on the tin added to the premium quality of the packaging. The result? An updated candy classic for the next 100 years.


Silver in Confectionary 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Ellen Bruss

Design Company

Ellen Bruss Design

Project Website

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Hammond's Candies


Individual Credits

Creative Director: Ellen Bruss
Art Director: Ken Garcia
Designer: Ben Wallace