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by Work & Co

With more corporate allies and individuals joining the call for racial justice than ever before, it should be a watershed moment for Black nonprofits. But of the $450 billion donated annually in America, still only a fraction goes to Black-founded organizations. What’s more, on the most recent list of America’s largest charities compiled by Fortune, none on the list are Black-led.

Give Blck is a new brand and digital product that’s changing that.

In mid-2020, what started as a simple, crowdsourced spreadsheet to answer the question of where to donate, quickly went viral over email and on Instagram (@giveblck & @thechristina99). Then, the new organization — co-founded by two Black female entrepreneurs and leaders in the philanthropy space: Christina Lewis, founder and president of All Star Code, and Stephanie Ellis-Smith, owner of philanthropic advisory firm Phila Engaged Giving, as well as Dr. David Setiadi, an entrepreneur and CTO of @Point of Care— enlisted Work & Co to turn Give Blck into an online database.

Work & Co led strategy, design, and development of the Give Blck site, which launched in September. One of the top challenges preventing Black-founded nonprofits from receiving as much money as other charities is awareness. Another is the assumption that these nonprofits are narrow in their missions. That’s why Give Blck is organized across dozens of verticals like Arts & Culture, Health, Athletics, Environment, Education, Civil Rights, LGBTQIA+, and Criminal Justice.

“We know that ongoing giving stems from people aligning their causes with their passions, so we envision Give Blck as a tool that both corporate and individual donors can use to prioritize the Black community long term, not just now, and make necessary shifts to their investment norms,” said Lewis. “A race-conscious approach to giving —giving Black— will lead to change that advances communities and...


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