Rice 'N Fire

by Chim Media, Inc.

Rice ‘N Fire is a virtual restaurant in New York City, spun off from brick-and-mortar Copper Throat Thai Cuisine, where food is prepared. This is the future of the restaurant industry when a kitchen becomes a co-cooking space for multiple brands.

Though the main touchpoints are online, returning customers may choose to come for takeaways as well. So we have come up with a design system that aligns with the brand’s seamless omnichannel strategy in the context of the multi-brand store.

Despite the omnichannel approach, the brand’s online touchpoint is the first and foremost for a virtual restaurant. As Rice ‘N Fire targets on-the-go customers, we have designed and developed the website to be fully responsive to any screen size. The navigation bar contains only three links to cut through the paradox of choice. Customers can easily browse throughout the website within several clicks. Other than visual elements, UX writing is also efficient. We use short content with catchy words to inform and convince the customers. At the same time, the call-to-action button “order now” is designed to float on the top layer of every page so that customers can make a purchase with just one step. And though the restaurant uses a third-party online ordering system, we created the menu page to educate customers on ordering food step by step.


Gold in Mobile Responsive Design 2021

Gold in Restaurants / Cafe 2021

Silver in Digital Design 2021

Silver in Branding 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Pranaya Junloy

Design Company

Chim Media, Inc.

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Rice 'N Fire

Design Team

Design Director: Pranaya Junloy Graphic Designers: Krittima Tantivisitkul, Pranaya Junloy UX/UI Designer: Palita Mattayomchan Head Web & Mobile ...


Entrant Companies

Chim Media, Inc., US


Copper Throat Corp., US

Individual Credits

Account Executive: Nawapar Rojvithee
Marketer: Nawapar Rojvithee
Marketer: Nongnaphat Lertsaksereekul