eBay — Communities of Inclusion

by Big Monocle

Communities of Inclusion (COIs) are at the heart of eBay's Diversity and Inclusion program. Self-organized by employees, these employee-led groups create events and programming to give eBay team members from all backgrounds an opportunity to connect and learn more about each other. Today, there are more than 60 COIs. From UNIDOS, a community that supports employees and customers of Latinx descent, to UNITED, a community that welcomes and celebrates all members of eBay’s LGBTQ+ community, each these communities provide a safe space for employees to discuss topics and participate in activities. Most importantly, all of their employees are welcome.

eBay approached us to design a logo system that could unite all of their Communities of Inclusion, while allowing each one to be distinct. They should be suitable for apparel, events, and even the eBay website. With that brief in hand, we got to work. We collaborated with these communities to create an official COI logo system to represent their unique identities, while fitting into the larger Community of Inclusion umbrella. We took cue from the main eBay branding, with a focus to a grid system, creating a 3×4 grid to develop each logo within. We then defined color palettes — taken from the larger brand palette — for each community to further personalize their branding. Each group now has a unique brand to market themselves separately, while still belonging together as a whole — eBay's Communities of Inclusion.


Silver in Logos 2021

Silver in Digital Design 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Dillon Blue

Design Company

Big Monocle

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Design Team

Dillon Blue, Amy Stellhorn, Carly Stewart


Entrant Companies

Big Monocle, US


eBay, US

Individual Credits

Lead Designer: Dillon Blue
Creative Director: Amy Stellhorn