Tome Sans

by Delve Fonts LLC

Tome Sans was created to be an inconspicuous sans-serif that performs beautifully across multiple environs, for as many people as possible. The challenge was in the scope, as a global typeface must include multiple scripts and support hundreds of languages. Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek were strategically chosen as the first scripts to include. Simplicity was critical in establishing the design itself and novel shapes were eschewed so unrelated scripts could coexist within the same typeface. Glyphs for several scripts were drawn side-by-side throughout for consistency and interoperability. Tome Sans also sets itself apart by utilizing Variable font technology and by employing a bunch of useful OpenType features that designers will find delightful. The resulting Variable font ranges from ExtraThin to Black, plus true italics. Its repertoire of 1,978 glyphs spans several entire Unicode® ranges supporting over 293 languages. It is already a complete work in itself and still only the opening salvo. Efforts are underway to extend Tome Sans to include additional scripts, with the years-long process of developing a truly world-ready typeface for everyone as the endgame.


Silver in Typography 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Delve Withrington

Design Company

Delve Fonts LLC

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