Job Advertising Made Simple

by Something Familiar

Appcast uses its programmatic technology to match the best candidates to vacancies. It makes the recruitment process incredibly simple for the people doing the hiring – but of course in the background it’s doing some very complicated things with data. Add in the fact that it also works with some huge brands behind the scenes, and it’s clear that Appcast is one of the sector’s leading lights. Having quickly taken a leap from being a new, exploratory product, to well-known status, their branding and website needed to keep up with this growth.‍

The Project.

Drilling down into Appcast’s personality pinpointed four attributes that the refreshed brand needed to embody: Approachable, Inspiring, Determined and Nerdy. The data-loving Appcast community embraces the term ‘nerdy’ so much that we coined the term ‘Pionerds’ to capture the spirit of the whole project!

The thinking was that Appcast had taken something expensive, time consuming and complicated, and made it fast, affordable and easy. It was all about simplicity of shape and form (including typefaces), emotive movement, and a refreshed colour palette balanced against negative space. The overall effect was flowing, simple-to-grasp and engaging. And it even included an ‘Everyday Pionerds’ smiley!

The Outcome.

The brand refresh has been incredibly well received. For the website, early analytics are proving a 100% increase in dwell time compared to the same period last year. Traffic appears more targeted with an increase in inbound requests. Overall, the project has given Appcast the confidence to enter 2021 as a market leader, without losing the spirit or energy that characterised its early years.

"The somethingfamiliar team took us on a strategic and thoughtful journey when redesigning our brand. As a result, our new website is engaging, beautifully-designed, and well-built. On top of that, the team was a...


Gold in Technology 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Bryony Cozens

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Something Familiar

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Bryony Cozens, Oli Garnett, Rich Williams, George Poole

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