Dried Fruit & Herb Water・Summer Fling / Breezy Autumn

by SCHEMA, inc.

The project of SunnyGogo’s series product of dried fruit & herb water is one of the series product from the renewal CI of SunnyGogo. The concept of the renewal design is meant to have 4 different aspects of series products and water is one of the elements.

The design of the package came up with the image of infused water with dried fruits and herbs inside. Dried fruits are made from fruits being dried with the warmth of the sun, with infusing water into the glass, the preserved tastiness of dried fruits and herbs awaking from the moistness and it looks like they are dancing in the glass, which became our illustration on the package.

Not only on the visualization, we’ve also put a lot of effort on the material for the package. The details on the actual package have meanings on each of our choices. For example, the transparent, matte paper using on the outside was the image of water and moistness. Customer can see through the package and get the image of the infused water with different color representing different flavor.

The message we want to pass on to our customer is not only the beauty of the visual or the tastiness of the product, but also the wonderful experience of purchasing the product.


Gold in Packaging Design 2018

Created by:

Design Director

Yi Chen Ho

Design Company

SCHEMA, inc.


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Design Team

SCHEMA, inc.