One Two Tie My Shoe

by Sonia Malpeso

This book, with its accompanying brochure, document a research project titled 'One Two Tie My Shoe,' exploring the question of how we perceive and physically experience the routine and habitual nature of our everyday working worlds. The focus of the research lies on human-computer interaction, examining body motions and gestures, namely of the hands, that are made to carry out simple, repetitive tasks using common commands.

The book's layout and design offer a visual and metaphorical reflection and translation of how we move and work when seated in front of our computers; it consolidates two ends of a spectrum, one that is playful, slightly erratic, and seemingly random in the position of typo/graphic elements, and the other that is strict, orderly and meticulously structured.


Gold in Book Design 2021, Freelancer

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Sonia Malpeso

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