Sunny Impression

by SCHEMA, inc.

The project of Sunny Impression is a renewal package design for SunnyGogo. The concept of the design is that we want to visualize the making process of the fruit cake, from how it looks originally as a fruit, being smashed as ingredient, to reforming and transforming into fruit cake. Showing the process in an abstract way with the color blocks from each flavor.

After having numerous discussions with SunnyGogo, we had come to the conclusion. We both want Sunnygogo, as a local brand from Taiwan, to use all the ingredients from Taiwan, and with all the faith we have in making quality snacks for every customer, we want to let people from the world to see what’s good from Taiwan.

With the new design for the new series of Sunny impression - fruit cake, we want to let customer not only enjoy the tastiness of the fruit cake, also learn to know how the cake was made and how much effort every each of us has put in.


Gold in Packaging Design 2018

Created by:

Design Director

Jia Yun Liu

Design Company

SCHEMA, inc.


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Design Team

SCHEMA, inc.