Climate Cents

by Kilograph

Kilograph partnered with Climate Cents to visualize what a sustainable future could look like for Los Angeles as a climate-friendly metropolis through illustration, and shared this collaboration at an exhibition in 2019 at the Wuho Gallery in Hollywood. Kilograph is inspired by the vision of Climate Cents and was excited to take on the challenge of visualizing this innovative, positive future.
Climate Cents is an online platform for the average person who wants to do something about climate change but doesn’t know where to get started. They make it easy to sign up to support vetted climate initiatives in the fight against global warming. These projects include restoring kelp forests, planting trees and urban gardens, and recycling e-waste. They measure, track, and report the progress of every project, so donors can see the impact of each dollar.


Gold in Digital Design for Social Change 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Juan Carlos Ramos, Art Director

Design Company


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Project Website

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Climate Cents

Design Team

Fredy Castellanos, Senior Art Director; Riccardo Zerbinatti, 3D Artist


Individual Credits

Art Director: Juan Carlos Ramos Figueroa
Senior Art Director: Fredy Castellanos
3D Artist: Riccardo Zerbinati