Faces of Assassination

by Café.art.br and Disarme Gráfico

During the 21st century, thousands of criminal assassinations have occurred worldwide. Faces of Assassination pays homage to those who have stood against injustice and corruption and paid the ultimate price for it.

The book is part of the #assassinationwitness campaign by the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime. It reports the assassinations of 50 people who fought and died against organized crime and in favor of human rights, justice, and equality in communities around the world.

The central concept of the book's design revolves around the struggle for social justice, the extermination of human lives, and the dark mood surrounding these crimes. We chose to use visual metaphors that reinforce these concepts without sensationalism, such as the fragmented faces and the torn paper. The hatch-style illustrations resemble money, the main motive, and at the same time solve the problem of the resolution and quality of the images found in the research, creating consistent visual unity.

The project began as a book and that was supposed to be it. However, the design turned out so impactful that the website came as a natural extension, with a completely new set of challenges.

A simple interface designed to create an immersive experience with sound, motion, and zoom, paired with carefully crafted, content-dense profiles. All fully responsive and mobile optimized.

The fluid zoom-like navigation on the profile's page is the trademark of the project. It is by far the feature with the greatest impact. We wanted users to be swept away by the experience at first, and then transition to a more attentive mode when reading each profile. This switch in mental models was key to having a great, nonuniform immersive experience.

Each illustration, button, transition, animation and even form field was skillfully designed to create a unique experience. Everything absolutely...


Gold in Websites Design for Social Change 2021

Silver in Integrated Graphic Design for Social Change 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Henrique Ilidio and Bruno Ventura

Design Company

Café.art.br and Disarme Gráfico

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The Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime (GI-TOC)

Design Team

Café.art.br: Leandro Amorim, Henrique Ilidio, Erlan Carvalho, Pedro Rodrigues, Mayara Teixeira, Luana Medeiros, Erico Rosa, and Guilherme Lobo. Col...

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Entrant Companies

Café.art.br, BR

Individual Credits

Creative Director: Leandro Amorim
Senior Designer: Henrique Ilidio
Senior Designer: Erlan Carvalho