Burke & Wills

by Chello

You know when a project kicks off with a whisky tasting it’s going to be a good one. The logo design for the soon-to-launch whisky label, Burke & Wills, has been exactly that.

The brand is named after the iconic duo, Robert O’Hara Burke and William John Wills, who set out on an ambitious expedition from Melbourne to Queensland in 1860. Their aim was to reach the Gulf of Carpentaria (the big dip at the top of Australia). It was land that had only ever been explored and understood by Indigenous people. On their way back they missed the depot party. By just a few hours. So there they were, stranded in the middle of Australia with few supplies and only each other. They died two months later.

Australians admire the struggle far more than the victory (just look at the ANZACs, Ned Kelly, Steven Bradbury, etc). So although they didn’t become famous for reaching their destination, they did become famous for their wild adventure.

Shamery is the logo typeface, suitable for print and digital executions. The uppercase typeface speaks to the audacity of their adventure while its elegant design speaks to the quality of the whisky. The upside down ampersand subtly highlights the imperfections of the expedition to help give the brand an easy-going personality.

The colour palette, both through colour and imagery, reflects the natural surroundings of the historic journey to the north. The bold and vibrant tones modernise the brand and help bring to life the two lives lost – Burke & Wills.


Gold in Logos 2021

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Lead Designer

Becky Gillis

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Burke & Wills

Design Team

Sophie Taylor, Rosie Dingle