Laredo Cultural District Brand

by Analee Paz

Design for the Laredo Cultural District, in Laredo, Texas. The intention with this design system is that it is adaptable, diverse and inclusive, modular, and especially fun and skillfully crafted, just like the Laredo Cultural District itself. The tiles that hold the brand together are meant to represent the energetic variety of the different elements that the LCD currently holds, and may evolve to in the future. The design of the tiles mimics Mexican celosia brick which is commonly used in the Laredo downtown border region. It is a modular brand system, therefore the tile elements can be organized in any order, or as a pattern. They each work independently, but also come together to create a fun, eclectic, and harmonious rhythm. The 3 bright hues represent the 3 geographical areas that the LCD currently represents.


Gold in Travel 2021, Freelancer

Created by:


Analee Paz


Laredo Cultural District