Packaging Design Category

Entry Title:

Apothecary Product Line Redesign


Professional Packaging Design



Design Director:

James Wilson & Rob Krete


Overdrive Design Limited


Pure Home Couture

Overdrive was tasked by Pure Home Couture to redesign their complete suite of home products. Special consideration was given to evoking the french home luxury essence of the brand -- symbolized by Marie Antoinette. The golden bee: a symbol of family, community, industry and personal power. Further request was towards minimizing the number of labels that would need to be printed. With 32 different fragrances and over 10 different product types this was essential. The larger part of the label consists of: a die cut, 4 colour, digitally printed, adhesive backed base label with an image of Marie Antionette and the Pure Home Couture name in a custom designed, historically inspired script. The golden strip is a die-cut, embossed, foil stamped, wet strength, offset printed, adhesive backed wrap (much like a cigar wrap) displaying the Apothecary name and fragrance.