The Exhibition of Isu Is Size

by BYTHREE inc.

For the chair exhibition "Isu Is Size" held at KIITO, the design center in Kobe, I was in charge of the conceptualization of the exhibition and the design of the venue.

The theme of the Isu Is Size Exhibition is "A New Perspective on Choosing Things", and the exhibition is designed to promote a new way of choosing things to consumers. This time, BYTHREE was working with furniture makers to create “an exhibition of eight custom-made chairs.” By displaying chairs filled with the attention to detail of their makers and explaining them to visitors, we aimed to convey "the diversity of perspectives from which to choose a chair.”

01_ Concept development
During the discussion for this exhibition with the furniture craftsmen, we discovered that “just as clothes and shoes come in different sizes, so too do chairs come in different sizes for different people.” This idea is widely used in Scandinavia and elsewhere, however, most people living in Japan don't know this fact and live their lives. We decided to focus on this discovery and organized an exhibition of custom-made chairs for 8 personas with different physiques, occupations and ways of life.

For example, a chair for a pianist is easy to play according to his habits, or a chair for a dog lover is with a hook for leash. Like this, this is an exhibition of chairs that fit their personalities.

The title of the exhibition is " Isu Is Size" (ISU = Chair in Japanese). It represents the fact that this is an exhibition with size as a keyword.

02_ Exhibition planning and venue design

02_1 Arch

4 arches were arranged to lay out the 8 chairs in the venue. These arches have three roles.

The first of them is as utensil for the layout. If the...


Gold in Integrated Graphic Design 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Takanori Yoshida

Design Company




Design Team

Rina Kurihara, Shusaku Kida


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Individual Credits

Creative Director: Takanori Yoshida
Planner: Rina Kurihara
Designer: Shusaku Kida