by Chello

iugis [u-gis] deliver solutions to reduce environmental impact whilst providing businesses cost and efficiency benefits. The name iugis was chosen for its meaning; perpetual, constant, continual. With a focus on a sustainable future covering three areas, food waste, energy efficiency and water solutions, iugis wanted a brand representative of the need for environmental legacy.

The logo is a play on illusory contours, spacing and visual hierarchy. As many people had difficulty pronouncing it, the removal of the i's stem guided them to start with the letter 'u' instead. In collateral, we use the dropped stem to represent the positive impact that iugis will continue to leave behind for generations to come.

To illustrate the three core offerings we have simple shapes; a circle for food waste, a triangle for energy efficiency and a droplet for water solutions. These elements can be seen both singularly, or grouped together, using colour hierarchy to call out the dominant focus. Photography is primarily nature-based, often paired with similar colours from the brand palette.


Gold in Services - Other 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Becky Gillis & Natalie Wong

Design Company


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Design Team

Tristan Velasco, Sophie Taylor, Celina Siriyos, Archie De Sales

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