Bestie Doula

by Unsold Studio

Bestie Doula is a woman-owned doula service founded by Taylor Reyes and located in Southeast Michigan. Bestie delivers exceptional care and support for people becoming parents and their young children. The business and brand design has a particular sensitivity to inclusivity and represents non-traditional parents (transgender parents, same-sex parents, single parents, adoptive parents, etc). It also celebrates all types of birth (unmedicated, medicated, cesarian, etc), advocating that all "birth is natural".

The theme behind the brand design is “affirmations from your ally”. This bestie tells you to keep your chin up and is rooting for you at every turn. Positive and powerful mantras mix in with reminders that you can ask for help, and rely on your bestie to support you.
The brand: doesn’t hide the fact that becoming a parent is hard work, but it also celebrates it is worth the effort; sees itself as a coach; someone to support and motivate new parents through this time; provides education and curated lists, so new parents do not feel overwhelmed by all the options, opinions and things for babies; uses flexible systems to create consistency, without redundancy
Project goals: to create a brand identity that is inclusive to all families and the multitude of ways people become parents (birth, surrogacy, adoption, etc…); to effectively communicate what doulas are, who they serve, and why people becoming parents should consider one; to develop an easy-to-use design system for the business owner to implement day-to-day


Silver in Branding for Social Change 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Meaghan Barry and Lilian Crum

Design Company

Unsold Studio

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Individual Credits

Partner, Designer: Meaghan Barry
Partner, Designer: Lilian Crum