Clipsal Website Redesign

by Luminary

Luminary designed and built a website for Clipsal in 2013. Since that time, much had changed in the way people use the web and it was time for the site to evolve. A comprehensive UX review revealed that it was failing to give users an optimal experience in a number of ways, particularly in terms of navigation. The new site features a clearer information architecture, improved e-commerce flows that guide the user through an easy purchase experience, and a simplified product catalogue. The ease of use and improved user experience have contributed to greater user engagement. Comparing the six months post launch with the same time in the previous year, average time on page increased by 60 percent and bounce rate went down by 10 percent. In the words of Sam Youssif, Director of Digital Customer Experience for Schneider Electric, β€œThe new site has set a very good foundation for us to continue to innovate and disrupt.”


Bronze in UX, Interface & Navigation 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Tess French

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Clipsal by Schneider Electric

Design Team

Tess French Mark McManus

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Individual Credits

Design Director: Tess French
Producer: Chey Mose
Front End Developer: Allen Chen