Baron + Brass, Artisanal Grooming Products for Men

by Fuze Branding

After developing a company name for our client Josh, our goal was to create a visual identity that further developed the storytelling we crafted in naming. The visual elements for Baron + Brass have both a masculine and a handcrafted vibe that reflect the nature of Josh's artisanal grooming products, while still feeling refined and evoking the end result of using the product range. We introduced bold, graphic animal illustrations as mascots for each product line, reinforcing the slightly wild nature of Baron + Brass' ideal customer. The brand palette is warm and rich, featuring natural kraft textures for depth.

The visual identity is fully realized in the packaging application we created for the existing line of Baron + Brass products. We selected a square glass flagon with shaped labels, reminiscent of a whiskey decanter, for the brand's flagship product, a beard oil. Each element of the packaging, from the inclusion of branded copy to the seal featuring its "Made in Austin" status, is focused on building the story of Baron + Brass for the consumer.


Gold in Branding 2018

Gold in Packaging Design 2018

Created by:

Design Director

Kim Cruickshanks

Design Company

Fuze Branding


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Josh Smith


Entrant Companies

Fuze Branding, US

Individual Credits

Designer: Kim Cruickshanks, Fuze Branding