Amedei Chocolate packaging proposal

by Dario Calonaci

I was hired by "Colorful Concepts", presented at the time as one of the brand distributors, to tackle a redesign of the current products look.
To define a clear, unique recognizable identity toward the different products line, packaging shapes and dimensions, I settled on a single "Tuscanian yellow" color, inspired by the surrounding hills for the base, plus the detection, definition and visualization of six new reading levels, each to be rendered by a different font with its own feelings, but that still looked beautiful and coherent altogether - and a custom stencil for the brand unique characteristics and limited offerings.
An handmade, territory driven illustration was done as well - to define and settle the roots of the brand for a worldwide audience; plus, for the first time, each chocolate award was given recognition on the packaging itself, for additional value.
Everything was balanced toward a premium, golden feeling and revolved around a Golden Ratio structure, illustrated on one shot here.

Sadly, the client vanished and the project remained just an official proposal.


Bronze in Packaging Design 2021, Freelancer

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