Taste & Co. Packaging

by Ellen Bruss Design

EBD partnered with Bed, Bath and Beyond to design an identity for a new baking line and its packaging, called Taste & Co. brand. Our goal was to create a brand that would resonate with consumers and communicate the quality of the crafted products that were something they might have seen in their grandmother’s pantry. To achieve our goal, we created a customized font, the tagline “Honest Ingredients, Authentically Crafted” and hand-drawn etchings. A warm color scheme was developed to evoke the hand-made quality of the ingredients and to identify the line extension to the consumer.

Gold in Packaging Design 2018

Design Director
Ken Garcia
Bed, Bath and Beyond
Design Team
Ellen Bruss & Ken Garcia, Creative Directors / Rose Chenoweth, Designer / Ken Garcia, Designer / Emily Fitzgerald, Production

Steven Noble

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