Re-imagining ValueLabs Identity

by ValueLabs

As a pioneer in the IT services domain, ValueLabs has a grown from a three-member team to a company with 6000+ employees with more than 150 clients across 30 locations worldwide and with an industry leading NPS of 80. While reimagining the logo and website, ValueLabs wanted to ensure that the experience is simpler for the primary stakeholders – clients and employees (both current and prospective).​

The new identity was expected to not only reflect the foundational values that the company was started with but also position it as a leading global technology company. This required that the website have a modern, sophisticated look with an easy interface with its users who are clients, prospective clients, employees and job seekers. With this rebranding, ValueLabs was looking to get more relevant to its stakeholders while articulating and communicating its values, offerings and opportunities through the new identity.​

A comprehensive and an elaborate design process was followed in order to reimagine the identity for ValueLabs. The entire exercise had a strong research background. This included numerous interviews, workshops, and mapping to create the elements. ​

It started with creating a logo which was the essence of branding followed by an effective form, function, behavior, and content to get to the website. It was analysed from various perspectives - as an information provider, a tool, a touchpoint in a service, a container, an experience center to name a few. Various strategies were employed to make sure that every designer is in the same plane of imagination and the experience is consistent throughout.​

The website is unique as each element was scrupulously worked upon. From decluttering and making it relevant to a representation that is viscerally positive. The refreshed identity was aimed to be fresh, bold and highly approachable. To ensure that the change...


Silver in Branding 2021

Silver in Website Design 2021

Bronze in Logos 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Kadambari Sahu

Design Company


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Design Team

Archana Patil, Chandra Sekhar Reddy Katukuri, and User Experience Group

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Entrant Companies

ValueLabs, IN


ValueLabs, IN

Individual Credits

SVP Design: Kadambari Sahu
Sr. Designer: Archana Patil
Sr. Designer: Chandra Sekhar Reddy Katukuri