Bluecore Open

by Bluecore

The Bluecore Open is a virtual event series designed to meet attendees wherever they are. As a result of the global pandemic, organizations and communities everywhere lost the opportunity to connect and network in person in 2020. At Bluecore, this meant losing the opportunity to engage in events that typically yield critical revenue for the business, including our annual two-day Summit that draws hundreds of attendees. In response, we sought out to develop and design a virtual event series that would offer more than an opportunity to connect and learn through one-off engagements. The Bluecore Open created an opportunity to educate and build community through educational and engaging virtual settings and inspire the industry with valuable, actionable insights necessary to thrive in a remote world.

The Bluecore Open branding is bright and exciting, and utilizes refreshed hues of our brand color palette in a dynamic way to inspire change and creativity. The shapes of the logo depict a series that is fluid and permeable, meant to signify that the content is constantly evolving and always accessible to the attendee. The website offers on-demand viewing of all previous events, and the events offered range from the conversational “Coffee & Commerce” series to a product-focused, interactive Customer Scorecard Series that highlights Bluecore’s platform. In addition to the heavily digital branding of the Bluecore Open, we designed a headphone case and coffee mug to complement the newly-remote nature of so many companies and provide attendees with a memorable token. While the branding of the Bluecore Open may evolve as digital-first events continue to be prioritized, the pillars will never change. As represented by its name, within Bluecore Open, we are open to different ways of working, new ways of connecting, digital transformation and innovative strategies. Above all, in a year when so many...


Silver in Events 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Paige Gildner

Design Company


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Design Team

Paige Gildner, Creative Director | Dhensel Dorji, Junior Visual Designer | Caitlin Vance, Events Marketing Manager | Renan Sanches, Customer Suc...


Individual Credits

Junior Visual Designer: Dhensel Dorji
Events Marketing Manager: Caitlin Vance
Customer Success Manager: Renan Sanches