Mizzen Website Design

by McGuffin Creative Group

Mizzen by Mott is a free app helping afterschool professionals, both instructors and managers, deliver exciting learning opportunities that will inspire, engage and empower young learners. In advance of the app’s launch, Mizzen asked McGuffin to develop a website explaining what Mizzen is, highlighting key features and benefits, and encouraging recipients to download the app and get started. McGuffin wrote and designed a website that expressed the look and tone of the brand, and drove both educators and managers to download the new app. The site’s content speaks to the needs and desires of those on the frontlines of afterschool programs and to those responsible for the administration of those programs. We demonstrate how Mizzen helps both audiences deliver even more meaningful learning experiences. Engaging illustrations and a bright color palette bring those messages to life visually.


Silver in Digital Design 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Bob Sprecher (Creative Director)

Design Company

McGuffin Creative Group

Project Website

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Mizzen by Mott

Design Team

Bob Sprecher (Creative direction & Illustration), Sarah Sidani (UX design), Lyn Webb (Copy), Tim Fitzpatrick (Account/strategy), Brand Builders (De...


Individual Credits

Creative Director: Bob Sprecher
Designer: Sarah Sidani
Copywriter: Lyn Webb