Golemi Typeface—A Display Font

by Sihan Wu

Inspired by the anthropomorphic figure in the Jewish folklore which usually has a crude feel but with an anthropomorphic nature, Golemi has not only inherited the crude Wood-type look and contrast-reversed features from the Caslon Italian family that is considered in the type design history as a radical visual break from the roman typefaces, but has also been translated into a more smooth & modern look with streamlined strokes, extending shapes, and slightly rounded corners by taking cues from the shapes of modern (Didone) typefaces.
Golemi is designed to be used on the large scale format, such as mastheads in publication and web design.


Gold in Lettering 2020

Gold in Calligraphy 2020

Silver in Typography 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Sihan Wu

Design Team

Sihan Wu