Spectacle Society: For All the People

by Unsold Studio

Spectacle Society is a woman-owned business located in Detroit, MI that sells independent eyewear. The collection of unique eyewear is curated by founder Tina Arroyo, ABOC. Spectacle Society emphasises quality, personal style, and old-fashioned customer service. The design system uses a library of different illustrated components: head shapes, mouths, hairstyles, and of course, eyewear. By creating various combinations from this library of assets, a community of unique people who wear glasses emerges. This reflects Spectacle Society’s conviction to celebrate everyone’s uniqueness with the eyewear, showcasing a diverse community of eyewear users that include consideration for race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, ability, etc. These illustrations are a primary element of the brand’s story-telling, and subverts the common tropes in the eyewear industry that rely heavily on generic fashion photography. Spectacle Society’s core messaging is a flexible system that uses multiple phrases that sound as though the brand is encouraging and empowering their customer. The message plays on the words “spec” to reference Spectacle Society. Other messaging references inclusion and a sense of belonging to the Spectacle Society community. The unique color palette is not only unexpected and memorable, but references diversity in a critical and playful way. Rather than relying simply on skin tones that range from white to black, the use of the color blue ensures that the strategy pushes past stereotypical references to race and ethnicity (much like the multicolored characters in the tv series Doug from the 1990s).


Silver in Branding 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Meaghan Barry and Lilian Crum

Design Company

Unsold Studio


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Spectacle Society


Individual Credits

Partner, Designer: Meaghan Barry, Unsold Studio
Partner, Designer: Lilian Crum, Unsold Studio