WineWorld: Online Delivery App

by LAYOUTindex

Wine World is a premium wine and spirits online concierge service. LAYOUTindex helped design & build a mobile app with unique interfaces that complemented the true nature of a vintage wine, which the client was well known for. From the outset, the UI is designed in a way to entice the user and encourage them to browse more and more varieties. The intuitive iOS & Android mobile e-commerce apps were built with stunning imagery & a convenient shopping experience. The app enables ordering wines and spirits on the go and facilitates fast delivery. The UX-driven app architecture drives conversions optimising the sales funnel. The app allows Wine World to tap into the growing mobile e-commerce sphere.


Silver in Mobile App 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Sampath Ranathunge

Design Company



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Rockland Distilleries Limited

Design Team

LAYOUTindex UX Team


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