I am Alice

by Abbruzzo+Associates

I am Alice

When this project first started, the initial mandate was to expand Alice’s visibility, either via a website redesign or with the introduction of a new promotional object. As the design process started, multiple conversations and numerous hours of research were done. At first, it was to better understand the mandate. What actually happened was quite different; Alice’s real impact was revealed. The project was no longer a simple rebranding of an organization. It became an engine to develop methods to change behaviors and develop the adequate discourse (written and visual) to communicate the importance of sustainability and the economic viability of marginalized communities, throughout Italy.
The Italian design community has always been the reference for the height of design capabilities. These brands aren’t just brands. They are cultural vehicles. They are tools to help achieve cultural sustainability through design choices.
This was the moment Alice’s project took flight. The research conclusions indicated that Alice was not only proud of Italy’s rich history of craftmanship and the techniques behind it. It had also become an archivist for future generations. In doing so, it was a pillar for cultural sustainability.
As an innovative brand, Alice had begun the difficult task of breaking the stigma associated with the communities that they worked with. They knew the benefits that were associated with an ethically locally-made production, which allowed for an economic viability and a lesser environmental impact.
If being sustainable requires new, innovative and more efficient ways to fulfills ones needs and to prevent the depletion of resources for future generations, then design is the perfect partner for it. It seeks long-term impact, and is a way of communicating situations, experiences and aspirations.
Design, and sustainability, all have the means of guiding us towards our vision of a better future. It...


Silver in Branding for Social Change 2020

Bronze in Integrated Graphic Design for Social Change 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Anna-Maria Abbruzzo

Design Company



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Cooperativa Alice

Design Team

Ghislaine Sauve-Tong: Graphic Design, Laurie Bedikian: copy and rhetoric, Malina Corpadean: photography


Individual Credits

Principal Designer: Anna-Maria Abbruzzo , Abbruzzo+Associates