Willow Biosciences 2020 Rebrand

by Critical Mass

For Willow Biosciences, science is everything. It's the essence of their business. It also needed to become the core of their brand. We helped them reimagine the way their branding conveys their story, persona, values, and mission. And we did it in a modern way. Not in a static PDF, but through a dynamic, digitally appropriate guide. Including, a digital brand book and style guide, an easy to use website, in-depth customer research and insight, and more.  We created a differentiated, authentic brand identity in an entirely modern, digital-first way. 


Gold in Branding 2020

Gold in Digital Design 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Joel Harding

Design Company

Critical Mass


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Willow Biosciences

Design Team

Matt Stapley - Lead User Experience Designer Mike Pardy - Senior User Experience Designer Martine Lavoie - Art Director Daisy Swain - Copywriter...

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Entrant Companies

Critical Mass, CA


Willow Biosciences , CA

Individual Credits

Group Strategy Director: Chrissie Graboski , Critical Mass
Marketing Science Analyst: Alvan Le, Critical Mass
Technology Lead: Ryan Hull, Critical Mass