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Our Start:
In 2008, three university classmates from Aachen, Germany were tired of the headaches when booking trips home. So they set out to build the most flexible travel search engine across Europe. A travel companion that puts the power back into the hands of the traveller.

fromAtoB today:
We’ve come a long way since humble beginnings. We’ve expanded out from Germany into Austria and Switzerland, and we get over 800,000 site impressions, helping travellers to make just under 1.3 million searches per month.

The tremendous growth we have seen is evidence of our unique offering:
- Best user experience for travel bookings
- An advanced one-stop platform to search, compare and book
- Innovative tools like our CO2 calculator.

Every individual is different, with different needs for each unique journey. There is no right or wrong way to travel, so we promise to help every traveller...

Travel Your Way:
We simply provide as many options as possible in the most transparent way, to give travellers the freedom of choice.
Whether they prefer the fastest, cheapest or most eco-friendly option this time, we never assume what a traveller wants, and we never push one mode transport over others.

FromAtoB tomorrow:
We have ambitious plans for the future. We do not stop exploring and moving towards innovation. Imagine such a world: you want to fly to the destination country, you do not need to think about tickets for public transport till the airport, about places and time of connection. We will create everything that you need for safe and easy travel in one click. All tickets in your account starting from the door of your house to the door of your destination. Traveling has never been so easy. Travel Your Way! Travel with FromAtoB!


Gold in Mobile Responsive Design 2020

Gold in Apps 2020

Silver in Mobile App 2020

Silver in Website Design 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Saltanat Tashibayeva

Design Company


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Design Team

Raviv Mordoch, Kacper Żołnowski, Hande Kocabey, Emma Young

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Individual Credits

Senior Brand Marketing Designer: Emma Young,
UX/UI-Designer: Hande Kocabey,
Senior Product Designer: Saltanat Tashibayeva,