Wind of Ruri

by aizawa office Inc.

Wind of Ruri ("Ruri No Kaze" in Japanese), the top-grade Japanese green laver (Enteromoroha prolifera) that has the rich flavor and the remarkable taste, is well-known as a rare kind because it grows only in the specific aquafarming area of Yoshino River, Tokushima Prefecture in Japan.
Our purpose is to make the green laver appealing as a specialty of Tokushima Prefecture as well as to boost the brand value of Tokushima through the product. The design of its package is a polyhedron with the motif of the beautiful water surface of Yoshino River. The silver foil stamping that is seen through the holes in the center, specially processed with a wavy pattern, also represents the water’s surface. The Japanese classical logo and the edgy package form embody a mixture of tradition and modernity. The green laver then became widely recognized and popular as a gift as a result of renewing the design to that of something which is not only creative but also low-cost.


Gold in Packaging Design 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Yukihiko Aizawa

Design Company

aizawa office Inc.


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Food Relation Co., Ltd.


Entrant Companies

aizawa office Inc., JP


Food Relation Co., Ltd., JP

Individual Credits

Project Director: China Nagata, aizawa office Inc.
Producer: Kojiro Kurio, Food Relation Co., Ltd.
Designer: Yuki Mori, aizawa office Inc.