Old Parr

by ForceMAJEURE Design

In the 1880’s, brothers James & Samuel Greenlees embarked on a journey to make whisky. When they created Old Parr, they decided to give a name that communicated the enduring values of maturity and age – personified in the legendary figure of Thomas Parr, England's longest-lived man. His extraordinary age of 152 years and 9 months symbolizes the maturity of the stocks of whisky, while his wisdom represents the skill required to create this unique blend. Inspired by Thomas Parr and his intrepid and ever-curious spirit, they set out to create the finest whisky ever tasted.

Born in Scotland, Old Parr has now conquered the warm heart of Latin America where it is a synonym of unpretentious status.

forceMAJEURE was tasked to restage the brand, and to redesign the complete range of Old Parr Whisky’s:bringing consistency to the range, elevating and modernizing the look and feel of the secondary pack, and completely redesigning Old Parr 18.

forceMAJEURE first set out to create a brand vision for Old Parr that would become visual representation of brand values, elements and personality that could be translated into any medium space. This became the touchstone for how the brand would develop, as the team moved from packaging to communication, activation, events and experiences.

The redesign of the Old Parr packaging required special attention. Foremost, the brand needed to be “refreshed,” but still maintain its quirkiness and character. Old Parr’s crackled bottle and iconic tilt are recognized worldwide, and great care was given to retain and enhance the bottle’s tactility.
The design team worked closely with the glassmaker to achieve the organic crackled pattern, elegant in its own right when viewed up close.

The Old English typeface and age statement link the brand’s past, but modern printing techniques enhance the label’s depth, character, and tactility....


Gold in Packaging Design 2020

Silver in Typography 2020

Bronze in Branding 2020

Bronze in 3D CAD 2020

Created by:

Design Director

Pierre Delebois, Strategy and Creative Director

Design Company

ForceMAJEURE Design


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Design Team

Tim Devereaux, Art Director Harry Chong, Design Director Steve Assandri, Production Director